AudioKonvertor - Take control of your audio files, quickly and easily.

AudioKonvertor - Play, Convert your Audio files.

AudioKonvertor is a desktop file manager, a robust and powerful - yet easy to use - tool that tames today's large and complex Windows' file systems. It natively supports all major and obscure audios formats.
The current version is able to play, display and convert between 676 different audio formats.

AudioKonvertor screenshots

With AudioKonvertor You Will:

  • Play and Convert quite any audio format
  • Copy, Move, Delete
  • Edit and Create Audio Metadata
  • Create CDs and DVDs
  • And more...

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Download AudioKonvertor AudioKonvertor runs on Windows versions 7 and 8 (Desktop) (32 and 64 bits).

Start Exploring Your Audio Files Now!

Once you try AudioKonvertor, we think you will find yourself using it daily in diagnosing all sorts of issues. An important and widely recognized benefit is its stability. Works very well, reasonable price, combined they equal a stunning value.